Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How education slowly and steadily is moving from schools to computers?

Hi! today I am thinking after reading Mr Bill gates post on Graphite, a new way to connect teacher and technology that the days are almost about to go when we used to get up early, get ready for school, assemble for prayer,lunch with friends in the recess time, stay there for 5-6 hours, coming back home and do ghostly assignments.

Evolution of cloud computing and virtualization is revolutionizing the way the whole world works today. The trend of education is no exception. There are educational tools for students of all age groups. For school goers there are websites QuizletKhan Academy, Graphite, and Moodle which are offering courses for free of cost. Amazing isn't it, students love learning with lovely graphics, images, videos and music.     

We can estimate the amount of Internet is being used by the students these days by having a look at How students are using the Internet for studying. There are many Massive open on-line course(MOOC) sites that are offering really good and useful courses for free. The courses are taught by the world class professors from renowned technical colleges in USA. To mention a few are Coursera, Udacity and edx are very popular among students these days.

Other than these are many more educational sites like:
The list is still growing. In my younger days when I was in class 8 in 1990-91, I read one fiction don't remember the name of the chapter or text book :). But I still remember one interesting thing that the author has narrated. He emphasized that in 21st century books will get replaced by the computers and students will not be going to school rather will be studying at home with there computers. One very interesting thing which I still remember is that the author explained it by narrating a very sweet conversation between a little boy of six years and his grandpa.
One day little boy found his grandpa's diary from his grandpa's room whose pages turned old and yellowish. He inquired grandpa politely about the writer of the diary. His grandpa replied that he had written it. The boy got surprised and could not believe that his grandpa wrote all those pages. The little boy who did not even know how to hold a pen or a pencil was still wondering that how can one write so many pages by hand. Grandpa further explained his grandson that in older days when people did not have computers or laptops. They also did not know how to use or work on computers. They had to note everything in their notebooks and the diaries in order to keep records and learn things. 

The fiction in our times is becoming a BIG REALITY!!.



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